You Kids Wanna See a Dead Body? – [do not resurrect]

There are many reasons why I love the underground music scene more than the mainstream, but the main reason is just because there are literally no boundaries. Artists have free range to do whatever they want, and while this can get a bit more out of the ordinary than what most people enjoy, there is always going to be some corner of the internet that vibes with your sound no matter what, you just have to find this group. For do not resurrect, he’s an artist that my brother put me onto a couple of years ago and I have been tuning into every song I possibly can ever since.

He recently decided to release a brand-new song entitled “You Kids Wanna See a Dead Body?”, produced by adjacen7, and the results just speak for themselves. Sure, this title might be very aggressive and jaw-dropping to some, but if you’re familiar with the up-and-coming act, you already know that this dark, underworld theme is right up his alley and shouldn’t shock you even slightly. When it comes to the beat, there is a very ominous, almost threatening melody that is eventually met with piercing percussion and thunderous drums, creating the picture-perfect foundation for DNR to come in and wreak havoc like only he knows how. If you’ve either heard his music prior to this or read any of my other articles, you should know about his very individualistic, unique whisper growl delivery that sounds as if it comes straight from the depths of Hell, and this song is no different.

While utilizing this sound, he just rips apart this beat effortlessly, changing up his cadences in the blink of an eye without any unnatural pauses or breaks. While it seems like he should stop and breathe once in a while, he would disagree as he just goes on a rampage once again on this record. While I think DNR deserves a ton more recognition than he receives, as long as he continues to release songs like “You Kids Wanna See a Dead Body?”, more and more people are going to catch on. So, check it out if you haven’t already, and when you realize how great it is, head over to Spotify or Apple Music to hear more.