You – [DWLLRS]

Southern California duo DWLLRS return with their new emotional single, “You.” The surf-rock-inspired tandem maintains a steady breezy atmosphere with their new song, expanding the depth of their artistry while remaining true to the bright sound that has become their trademark. Bren Eissman and Joey Spurgeon tap into a more down-tempo euphoric R&B production that swells and crashes. This combination alongside piercing acoustic guitar plucking aids in drawing the duo’s new song back to the center. Their emotion-stirring production sets a fertile stage for Bren’s heartfelt crooning, which he throttles in delivery, mirroring his internal turmoil, illustrating a deeper and more vulnerable side to the duo as they delve into the chest-tightening subject of lost love. As DWLLRS continues to drop music, they are only further proving their chops and ability to pivot while remaining true to the themes that drew us to their dynamic pop sound in the first place.

Listen to “You” by DWLLRS below.