Yo!88 – [Tm88] & [Pi’erre Bourne]

Not long ago at all, I saw that Tm88 and Pi’erre Bourne teamed up to release a single entitled “Block Boy” as well as an amazing music video, and even though this song was an all-out hit, I didn’t know what to expect in the future. All I knew was, these two remarkable talents worked better together than so many other collaborators in this day and age of music because, with Pi’erre’s production background, he knew all the strategies Tm88 was using and knew how to capitalize on them effortlessly.

To my pleasant surprise, I had absolutely no idea that they were planning on teaming up for a full collaborative project, but when I found out about this incredible news today, I didn’t waste a second and went directly to Spotify to check it out. The title of the project is Yo!88, and with 11 songs that span over 32 minutes long, there isn’t a single second that goes to waste, making it an album that legitimately has zero skips. Aside from this, there are only two features included, but considering they’re verses from Wiz Khalifa and Young Nudy, they’re inclusions that are powerful and obviously impressive.

Highlighting just a few of my personal favorites, this project opens with “OMS”, a song that features an almost intergalactic vibe from Tm88 on the instrumental and allows Pi’erre to bring the heat with so much charisma and enthusiasm. A few songs later, we arrive at “HomeComing”, a more lighthearted and buoyant offering that shows Pi’erre’s more melodic sound that glides over the beat easily.

After breezing through the middle of the album, we finally get the opportunity to listen to the penultimate song “Cullinan”. This record contains some more poignant guitar strings that combine with chattering percussion and booming 808s which all come together to allow Pi’erre to get even more tuneful with his delivery, and the emotion that he seems to incorporate into his flows shows off a new and much-appreciated side of the Atlanta hitmaker. It’s no surprise that Yo!88 turned out as well as it did, but the surprise for me was the release of the project itself. With that being said, this is an album that rides out from the first song to the last, making it a must-listen project for anyone and everyone without a doubt in my mind.