Yo Love- [Vince Staples] ft. [6lack] & [Mereba]

By Danny Adams

There’s a myriad of reasons why you might be familiar with Vince Staples. You may be a fan of his music, the online trolling he has been known to do more often than not, or maybe even his affiliation with Sprite. Either way, I can say that the Vince Staples on “Yo Love” is not the person you probably are familiar with. The soft guitar on this track offers a sense of serenity and almost an “in-your-feelings” quality, something Vince isn’t really known for but performs really well on. Mereba and 6lack are both featured on this melodic record which is definitely a track that’s more up their usual alley. Mereba’s soft voice but powerful presence is felt throughout, being noticeable both front and center but also in the background as she accents 6lack’s vocals angelically.

I’m a big fan of artists trying out different sounds to push themselves and their limits, and on this song Vince does just that. Recruiting 6lack and Mereba was a veteran move, knowing that they would without a doubt excel on this instrumental and take his verses to the next level. Staples and 6lack have done a great job of pretty much establishing their permanent positions in the industry and although Mereba might not be on their levels quite yet, she’ll be there in the blink of an eye if she continues to show out like she did on “Yo Love”.

Be sure to give it a listen when you’re ready to get into your feels, because that’s exactly what will happen as soon as you press play.