Yes Please – [White Knuckles]

Two words: Sonic diversification. That’s the basis of the New York toLA based collective Yes Please. Each song they put out is so experimentally different from the other. Using traces of Hip-Pop, R&B, Neo-Funk, and the guys own dash of charm, Yes Please continuously executes a prolonged sense of freshness with each and every new drop, and their latest song “White Knuckles” is certainly not an exception.

The brains, brawn, and beauties behind Yes Please, APOB and Matt Miggz have been crafting their musical wiles from the ripe age of childhood. They began performing in numerous school bands together, followed by a period of distancing to truly discover their individual paths. Luckily for us, they reconnected and dropped their first EP Good Manners, Bad Taste in May of 2019. The EP was a luminescent twist on R&B and Hip-Hop, but the guys didn’t stop there. Respecting their original R&B focused lens, they began to experiment with different sounds and genres unlike anything else being done today.

“White Knuckles” serves as the perfect successor to their lineage of unconventionally brilliant music. The track bumps a funky bass and electric guitar alongside the incorporation of a booming bass change mid-way through the lighthearted beat. “White Knuckles” characterizes exactly what Yes Please was, has been, and will always be: the ringleaders of the freshest new-age music.

Stream “White Knuckles” below:

Words by Bianca Brown