Yellow Hearts – [Ant Saunders]

New Jersey native Ant Saunders is slowly becoming a very well known face to the public eye. After releasing his hit single titled “Yellow Hearts” in June of this year, the growth as of recently has been hard to miss since it has reached the number 1 spot on the Global Viral 50 Spotify charts. I had the opportunity to speak to Ant the other day about his journey and his musical process, nonetheless something I’m sure everyone is curious about at this point. In regards to getting into music, Ant said that he “started producing around middle school and he would just record with a USB mic.” As it is for most kids, Ant said music was “always a dream of mine but I never took it as serious as I should have”, until now of course. Saunders does everything himself, keeping the production, writing, and engineering in-house and self-sufficient. This song specifically is one of those that you hear once and remember forever, just the same affect that any big record has. Furthermore, he noted that “Yellow Hearts” is a friend zone anthem and based on “an experience that took place in my life that I knew other people would relate to.” Being from New Jersey, garnering support doesn’t come as easy as one may think. In this case, Ant’s high school was his main source of attention for the longest time until enough friends and family started to spread the word and “Yellow Hearts” topped Spotify’s Global Viral Top 50 chart. The young 18 year-old’s future looks very bright and his mindset is fitting for just that as well. Ant wants one thing from his musical journey, “to be successful and to inspire as many people as possible. When I inspire people it drives me the most, and showing people like me that you can do anything is very important.” Stream “Yellow Hearts” a thousand times below and follow Ant Saunders on Instagram and Twitter!