Yeat Crosses Over from Underground to Star Status w/ ‘2 Alivë’

If you’ve been paying attention to the music industry for the past year, it’s very difficult to look anywhere without seeing the name “Yeat” all over the internet. With a name so familiar and recognizable, it was no surprise that he would blow up to be one of hip-hop’s most sought-after acts right now. Originally blowing up from his single “Get Busy”, Yeat’s rise to fame came rather quickly as this song began to trend on Tik Tok. Causing fans to venture backward and check out his other work, it is then that other songs such as “Sorry Bout That”, “Mad Bout That”, and “Money Twerk” began to pick up traction as well, and the Yeat takeover began.

Following up his 4L album with Up 2 Më gained Yeat even more notoriety in the game, as more songs from the album began to pick up steam and could be heard on everyone’s playlist from around the world. At this point, this is when fans knew that Yeat was something special. After putting out many snippets, teasing a new album, and the Cole Bennett-directed music video for “Still countin”, Yeat finally dropped his first project of 2022,  2 Alivë.

Yeat has managed to take a step further in his career, while still maintaining that pureness and originality that made early fans fall in love with his work. The extremely energetic beats, catchy adlibs, and hypnotic slang that he has become accustomed to continues here on this album while taking numerous jabs in a new direction.

The lead single for the album “Still countin” was the perfect selection of a single, as this is the one song on the album that sounds most like a single. While Yeat has never had to go in this direction of choosing a lead single, it was done perfectly and was accompanied by a Lyrical Lemonade video as well. Starting out with an infectious synthesizer, “Still countin” serves as the perfect introduction to what else was in store for the 20-track album. Oddly enough, the album ends with “Still countin”, which is a risky decision made by Yeat, but it goes to show how confident he is with his work that he is willing to put his lead single at the end of a 20-track album. That is one thing that sets him apart from the rest.

One area where Yeat is progressing is his use of melodies and becoming more comfortable with his voice and adlibs. We all know just how much a good adlib can complement a song, and Yeat doesn’t miss a step on any track on this album. Taking a page from Kanye West and T-Pain, Yeat utilizes his auto-tuned voices as an instrument. It’s done so effortlessly that one could miss it if they aren’t listening closely. While most of the subject matter in his songs has been similar to his last project, his progression is seen in the booth with his expression and how much more full his vocals sound on records now. Utilizing producers such as Trgc, ninetyniiine, F1lthy, Synthetic and more, the Yeat sound is on full display here, and then some.

As far as features go, Yeat normally does not collaborate with other artists outside of his fellow TwizzyRich member Septembersrich on his albums, but is slowly creeping in that direction here. The features he racked up here are some powerful names in the game, that being Young Thug, Gunna, Ken Car$on, Yung Kayo, and Septembersrich. While many expected him to “sell out” by now and load his project with features, he kept it light this time around so the fans could focus on what he had to offer.

There is still a deluxe on the horizon, as Yeat mentioned shortly after the album was released. With teased singles from Lil Uzi Vert and Drake, Yeat has so much more ammunition in his utility belt, and he can let it unload at any moment. Putting up some impressive first-week numbers at 35k, and landing his first Top 5 debut on Billboard, Yeat is a superstar in the making and we are witnessing his growth at an alarmingly fast rate.