Yeaaaa – [Rollin Thrax]

At this point, there are damn near as many videographers in the music industry as there are artists. The only difference with each of these creatives is the fact that it is very clear that there are different echelons of skill, and it really takes a lot to stand out in the crowd. Most up-and-coming videographers might draw inspiration from other, more established individuals, but that just makes them seem like more of a clone than an innovator, and it’s this creativity that really draws fans in and makes artists want to work with them.

There’s a reason why our very own Cole Bennett is known around the world, and while he is certainly one of the first visionaries that should come to your mind, there are a handful of other tastemakers out there that put me on to new visuals and even more spectacular musicians. One of my go-to videographers for new music and unbelievable edits is DotComNirvan, a Bay Area native who has been flipping the script on what it means to create a music video for a song, and his latest work accompanies Rollin Thrax’s hit “Yeaaaa”. I honestly haven’t familiarized myself with Thrax’s music quite until now, but I have heard his name buzzing and after witnessing this instant classic in real-time, I know I have a lot to catch up on.

The bouncy, lighthearted song is a perfect base for Nirvan to do his thing, and the results are stunning. Although Thrax might have a more serious demeanor at times, he also provides a nice, natural energy to the mix, adding even more personality to the incredible edits, animations, and effects utilized throughout this work of art. DotComNirvan never disappoints with his music videos, and his latest work alongside Rollin Thrax has me even more eager to tap in with the rest of the artist’s discography as soon as I get the chance!