Yea – [Lil Yachty] x [KEY!] Prod. [F1LTHY]

The last time we saw Lil Yachty on a F1LTHY beat was last year’s strip club themed song, “Follies”, featuring Pollari. Today, the Philly Treadmaster surprised us by posting an unreleased Yachty featuring Key! track to his Soundcloud, and it is refreshing to hear Lil Boat’s old sound following the notorious “Wake up F1LTHY” producer tag. KEY! goes off on his verse as well, taking advantage of the rolling drums to provide a mean verse. F1LTHY announced on Twitter that it is “get Lil Yachty back on tread 2K17” and after listening to this track we can only hope it happens sooner than later.

If you aren’t familiar with F1LTHY’s music collective from Philadelphia who specialize in high octane production and haunting visuals, you have probably heard them producing for some of your favorite rappers such as Lucki, Chxpo, Five Finger Posse, and Black Kray. Lately, they have put forth their efforts to mentor a young rapper by the name of Matt OX. (Can’t be older than middle school age but when asked about his age he only responds with “300”.) Don’t let his youth fool you though, after a quick browse of his catalog you will find he is indeed with the shits and with the Working On Dying crew behind him on production what else would you expect? F1LTHY and the WOD team are definitely setting up to make big moves in 2017 with the recent video release of fellow member Oogiemane’s produced smash hit, “BVNDGXD”, for rapper Chxpo (directed by Lyrical’s very own Cole Bennett) and with Matt OX embarking on a tour that is sure to be memorable, the world will soon wake up to the unprecedented force that is Tread.

You can stream this rare Lil Boat, KEY!, F1LTHY collaboration below while we wait for Yachty to release his debut album Teenage Emotions on May 26th!