Yao Twin – [Veeze]

It’s no secret if you’re into Rap music that sports have always heavily played a role in the culture. Whether that means an athlete co-signs an artist, wears their merch, or listens to them before games, or the artist references an athlete’s talents, their number, or their success in their respective sports, the crossover is never far off. When it comes to Detroit’s very own Veeze, his songs include a slew of different sports references that are included in intriguing wordplays, and the way he incorporates these themes is something all up and comers should take note of.

As for his latest sports reference, he talks about the legendary Yao Ming and even names his latest song after the towering center. Of course, I’m talking about his track “Yao Twin”, and although he might not necessarily be referring to the basketball player’s skills, his lyrics are comical yet creative and capture your attention from the moment he begins spitting. Mystifying, tiptoeing synths, mischievous percussion, and succinct drums pave the way for a simplistic instrumental that gives Veeze the opportunity to show off his abundant skills and individuality.

As he begins to spit the hook, the tone of his voice is elevated and almost sounds slightly melodious as he offers up a consistent flow that is sure to get lodged into your brain. He goes right into the verse with a similar cadence, continuing his infectious delivery for an even more steady flow that comes through effortlessly and singular. Each line barely culminates before he goes right into the next bar, leaving no room for breaths but also alluding to the fact that he most likely recorded this hit line by line. As far as his lyrics are concerned, he includes a plethora of references to sex, drugs, and violence that are all brought to life through vivid imagery and clever similes.

When it comes to the visual, which is full of quick cuts and rapid transitions, it might look as minimalistic as the track itself, but the number of different scenes he uses throughout show off the interesting and busy life he lives. One of the scenes he shows off is outside with his crew as he sits on the hood of a hot rod, dancing around and reciting his lyrics as he fans out stacks of cash in an obviously boastful fashion. As he begins to spit, the back door of a sprinter van is opened, exposing Veeze and his gang as they smoke, vibe out, and show off even more money to the camera. Finally, other recordings show him at a live performance as the function goes crazy while other clips show Veeze living it up at a club somewhere in his home city. Other than these settings, animations pop up onto the screen showing off Yao Ming’s face, gold medals, hundred-dollar bills, and more references that are made throughout the song.

I was only put onto Veeze’s music recently, but I’ve been absolutely fascinated by his talents. Although his enthusiasm is kept to a minimum throughout his variety of offerings, his wordplays are incredible, and his flows just seem to come naturally to him. The influence of other Detroit artists is obvious as some lines might be a half-beat ahead or behind the actual rhythm of the song, but he always catches up in the next line and continues going in with his unbelievably unphased, buttery flow. Although Veeze might not be one of the most recognized names out of the Motor City quite yet, he’s remarkably popular in the city itself and his notoriety is growing constantly throughout the country, so he’s definitely an artist you have to keep on your radar. Once again, his aptitudes are on full display with his latest offering “Yao Twin”, so make sure you get in tune with him ASAP.