Yakuza – [Do Not Resurrect]

Those of you who have read many of my other articles know that my preference for music contains a wide range of different genres and subgenres. Out of all these different types of music, I go through moments in time where the dark, gritty styles truly just get me, and I go on streaks of listening to artists like $uicideboy$ and Night Lovell nonstop. While the shadowy themes, aggressive demeanors, and ominous vibes that come from many of these artists can be a bit off-putting to some, I can’t help but to dive in headfirst and just surround myself with these hard-hitting offerings. Although the aforementioned artists are getting national recognition and most Rap fans have at least heard of them, there are up and coming acts such as Do Not Resurrect, a young talent who I was recently put onto and have yet to hear a single song by him that I don’t completely and thoroughly enjoy.

Most recently, this past weekend, he dropped off a track entitled “Yakuza”, and his skills are in full effect on this record. There seems to be some sort of sample being utilized right off the bat before DNR comes in to spit his verse, as the Scorpio-produced instrumental simplifies slightly and gives him a much purer foundation to go to town. When it does minimalize, eerie, almost shrieking synths combine with speaker-busting 808s and rapidly rattling percussion that gives a fast-paced, almost frantic feeling that doesn’t faze DNR in the slightest.

When he begins the first hook, his words stutter for a moment before he comes in with such power and rage, you’re sure to pay attention. Although there are this intimidation and anger behind his delivery, he never actually raises the level of enthusiasm in his voice, rather remaining steady and consistent with his extremely deep voice. The low tonality within his vocals coupled with the higher, more manic parts of the instrumental seamlessly and his cadence is insistent and constantly evolving in the best possible way.

Some lines are recited in a consistent manner while other bars switch up, offering up quicker, three-round burst stylized rhyme schemes that elevate his demonic disposition in a captivating fashion unlike anyone else in the music industry. In the singular verse, elements of the beat become even more violent than we had ever heard previously as he switches up his flow yet again, showing off even more of the skills in his extensive arsenal of aptitudes.

To finish out the verse, he almost gets somewhat melodious with his words, swinging the last lyric of every line minimally to bounce along on the beat perfectly, providing even more sonically pleasing deliveries to the simple yet impactful record. As far as the lyrics are concerned, it might be difficult to interpret them considering the hasty deliveries and deep vocals, but DNR dives into vicious themes that play along with the overall aesthetic of the song such as violence, the Devil, and other underworld topics that are sure to leave you shaking in your boots if there’s even a slight chance that he could be talking to you.

While Do Not Resurrect might be an acquired taste for the casual music listener, if you’re a fan of any of the aforementioned artists I spoke of at the beginning of this article, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’re going to quickly be enthralled by the incredible netherworld music that DNR is bringing to life. His talent is obvious and his sound, although possibly influenced by other artists, is as individualistic as it can possibly get. He’s making music by his own terms and not copying anyone else in the slightest, leading to some of the most original music in the entire underground. I certainly believe he deserves so much more recognition than he’s receiving, but as long as he keeps working as hard as he has been and dropping hit after hit, he’s going to rise to the top sooner than later. As for now, “Yakuza” is the name of his most recent stellar offering, so familiarize yourself with the captivating young talent’s latest song below.