Ya Ya – [YEAT]

At this point, it has already been a few weeks since I was first put onto YEAT’s music, and it seems like I’m playing a never-ending game of catch up considering he has so much music out already. He just seems to be an artist who took the scene by storm out of nowhere and hasn’t looked back since, bringing an entirely new style of music to the masses and he simply doesn’t want the fun to end anytime soon.

With such an indescribable sound and even more dexterity within his various releases, it sounds like he is making music that we’ve never heard whatsoever in the past and this individuality is what draws fans in, yet his natural talent and creativity keep listeners engaged for the long haul. Not very long ago at all, YEAT released his project Up 2 Më, and even though I still need to check this project out in its entirety, I was beyond excited to see him team up with the rapidly rising director DotComNirvan for a music video for his record “Ya Ya”, and the results are amazing yet again.

Although things are kept relatively simplistic in nature throughout this video, if you know anything about YEAT, it’s the fact that he is never going to release something that’s boring, and this visual is the exact opposite of uninteresting. The song itself is as unique as it gets, but YEAT takes to the streets in his luxurious whip, cruising around at night as the lights blur past him. Another reoccurring theme shows the rapper and his homie standing in front of a brick barrier as flame throwers shoot up the wall, illuminating the scene in a very gritty, entertaining fashion.

Let’s just say, throughout this video, there is no shortage of vibrancy as each scene contains various manipulated colors and run-and-gun type shots that mesh with the fast-paced nature of this record, coming together with the song seamlessly for yet another flawless release from the Portland native. If you’re somehow not familiar with YEAT’s repertoire of music thus far, make sure you check out the music video for “Ya Ya” before diving head-first into the rest of his constantly expanding discography.