Ya Se Nada Es Perfecto – [Rocci] [Ramirez] [Pouya] & [Lu]

If you have been following along with the underground rap scene whatsoever, names like Pouya, Ramirez, and anyone else who was part of or associated with the Buffet Boys shouldn’t be new names to you by any means. While it appears as if Buffet Boys has become a thing of the past, this group has moved onto a new page in their book called All But 6, and it’s a movement that I am extremely excited about, especially after all of the wonderful music that has been brought to life over the past few months.

While I believe this is an independent label that was created by some of the founding fathers of the underground, it’s certainly not a group to take lightly because the roster is full of notorious figures in the scene including Pouya, Fat Nick, Mikey the Magician, Kxllswxtch, Shakewell, Lu, Boobie Lootaveli, and others, so with the mixture of seasoned veterans and exciting new artists, there really isn’t anything that this lineup of immense talents can’t do, which is why you need to keep them on your radar.

Although Rocci and Ramirez aren’t included on the All But 6 website, it’s not a secret that they are very close with most of the musicians that are a part of this collective, so when I saw that these two multifaceted talents teamed up with Pouya and Lu to drop a brand-new track entitled “Ya Se Nada Es Perfecto”, I was definitely fascinated. Based on the Spanish title of the track, I expected a Latin flair to be brought to the forefront, and that’s exactly what we were given as Rocci put together an overly intoxicating foundation of infectious guitars and intriguing drums.

From here, every emcee shows off their diverse aptitudes in Spanish, singing and rapping in a way that fans may have never experienced from some of these emcees. They seem to pull it off remarkably well without giving away any sort of idea that this isn’t their first language, making it not only a difficult feat, but one that they pull off with ease. I think this speaks to their overall skillsets as well as their intelligence as a whole, which makes “Ya Se Nada Es Perfecto” a song that you’re going to want to get in tune with as soon as you get a chance.