Xtasy (Remix) – [Ravyn Lenae] & [KAYTRANADA] ft. [Doechii]

I am always going to talk about artists that have a true gift and deserve to be heard, and when that person is from Chicago, it makes me even more excited to spread the word. Someone like Chi-Town’s very own Ravyn Lenae definitely doesn’t need someone like me to write about them to continue to grow their career, but I still like to imagine that even if one person is introduced to her music because they saw it was something I wrote about, I’d be happy with my contribution.

Ravyn has continued to get bigger and bigger as the years go on, and her connections in the industry also continue to grow as she works with more artists and even goes on tour with them. I’m not sure when she and Doechii first linked up, but considering they have both gone on tour with SZA and have some common individuals in their respective networks, it wasn’t a surprise to see them team up for their remix of “Xtasy”.

Originally featured on Ravyn’s remarkable album HYPNOS which came out in May of this year, it was one of the most notable records on the project for me personally because it was produced by KAYTRANADA, one my favorite producers in the entire universe. When Ravyn and KAYTRA first linked up, this track was an instant classic in my opinion, and now that Top Dawg’s Doechii jumped on it to give her own spin, there is even more reason to celebrate.

Over the pulsating, mystical, hypnotizing instrumental, Doechii’s smooth, effortless, and graceful vocals are simply perfect, adding even more purity to an already flawless offering that I am going to continue to play on repeat until we get more from any combination of these three hitmakers. Looking at any of these three musicians, it is hard to find a single qualm amongst them in general, so I highly recommend you check this one out, especially if you were already a fan of the original.