Xtasy – [Ravyn Lenae]

I always say it in my articles, but I am so proud to call the city of Chicago my home, and a large part of that is because of the incredible art that is brought to life every single day here. The culture in the Windy City is supportive, collaborative, and creative, three of the most important things on my radar when searching for music in other parts of the world, and I just have yet to come across another place that does it quite like the Chi.

Ravyn Lenae is someone who definitely makes me as proud as I am to consider the same city home, and although she has moments of silence or brief hiatus, she makes sure to hit us with something even more spectacular when she’s back. As we anticipate and prepare for his upcoming project Hypnos that is set to drop this Friday, May 20th, she teamed up with one of my favorite beat smiths Kaytranada for her latest single “Xtasy”, and I couldn’t have had higher hopes.

The instrumental is so woozy and spacy and just pulsates with vivaciousness which is delivered alongside a trademark drum foundation that pulsates much like Kaytranada’s other hits. Ravyn is as suave as it gets though, crooning some high-pitched notes that just glide over the beat like the haze of some fog after a night out, but she is much more intentional and meticulous with her delivery, making sure to be much tidier than my previous description.

No matter what notes she sings, she hits them with ease, proving not only the fact that she is capable of anything but also displaying that when she teams up with someone who is as good at setting the tone as Kaytranada is, there is no possible chance in the world that this record could fall flat. I am super excited for Hypnos to drop later this week, but while we patiently wait for the greatness that I’m sure will unfold, make a point to tap in with Ravyn Lenae’s latest single “Xtasy”.