Xool Summer – [FLEE] [Stoopid Xool]

The rise of FLEE has been a remarkable one. Hailing from Queens, the budding talent has built a following out of sheer quality from one project to the next, crafting songs so melodic and so catchy that objectively, you can’t deny the hit-making appeal. Especially when paired with the legend himself, Stoopid Xool, Flee can’t miss, just as we see in his brand new project, Xool Summer.

18 tracks long and just under 32 minutes in length, Xool Summer is the perfect way to close out these next few weeks, as it builds upon the brotherly artist-producer connection between Flee and Xool. Each song rings out as anthemic as the last, but even so, none of the tracks seem as though they go to inauthentic lengths in search of a hit. Rather, Flee shines in the pocket of sugary melodies and quotable lyrics that he’s become known and loved for, and as a result, Xool Summer comes through as the dynamic duo’s most cohesive, hammer-on-the-nail collaboration to date. The sound and the style were always there, but this tape rounds everything out, making sure to leave it all on the field before throwing the closing pitch with the hyper-focused cut, “Feedback.”

That said, also supplied with two unbelievable features from Cash Cobain, Brent Faiyaz, and fellow Queens native Pi’erre Bourne, Xool Summer is a must-listen. Don’t just take my word for it, though — check this one out below!

P.S. — “Swish / Use 2” is one of my favorite songs of the year. Just felt like I had to mention that.