XBYRD is going viral with “100 Opps”

It’s not too often I’m put onto a viral song in general, especially from Twitter. Houston rapper XBYRD’s new joint “100 Opps” is one of those exceptions. The track sprung onto my Twitter feed and as soon as I heard the self-produced instrumental I knew there was a hit on our hands. The string-heavy beat is something unique and that in my opinion isn’t utilized by producers enough, as it drew me in from the first 10 seconds of listening.

Raw talent and a knack for catchy lyricism carry for XBYRD, and some light vocal filters and tuning make for a track anybody could like. Those aspects have made this song take off, with nearly 100K views on YouTube and thousands of more impressions across other streaming and social platforms. The visual is beautifully cinematic, with color palette matching and beautiful lighting throughout as XBYRD and his team wild out on motorbikes and in the club.

XBYRD has been working tirelessly since he began his music career in 2016, as his initiative drove him to learn how to produce his own beats, an impressive facet for any artist. If his future work is anything like “100 Opps,” there’s truly no ceiling to what his work can do. Check it out on YouTube below!