XanaX Damage – [Future]

Future has done it again, this time with his seven-song EP titled Save Me, which debuted Friday, June 7. This project gives a completely different undertone than most of Future’s works, and you can feel it off-rip with the first song of the project, “XanaX Damage.” The song brings out a mysterious, benzodiazepine-infused side of Future that I’ve come to love. “Baby when the sun is out, it’s like I’m not myself, Xanax doin’ damage, make it nice so I can handle you.”

Future’s visual to this piece released earlier this morning, and personally I couldn’t be more pleased and fascinated with how the work turned out. He released a teaser video of the visual prior to the album release, so I knew coming in how the piece might look – and it did not disappoint. Simplistic and dreary clips distorted with old fashioned filters and slow motion give the exact energy the song itself provides. Images of blunt smoke, cigarette smoke, powder, and pills are cut into scenes of future screaming into old land-line phones, anime clips, and saddened women. The video was directed by controversial designer and artist Henri Alexander Levy, whose clothing lines and pieces seem to revolve around drug use and self-harm. Future and Levy have found a certain sort of connection with these themes, as Future’s name has always been tied with drug use. Levy also designed the cover art for Save Me and directed two other visuals from the project.

I’ve always had a special spot in my rotation for sad trap, and Save Me as a whole will fill that spot flawlessly for the time being. “XanaX Damage” and its visuals provide a drug-induced void that only future could make inviting.

Watch the brilliant visuals for “XanaX Damage” below!

This video was directed by Henri Alexander Levy and produced by Todd H. Blumberg