Xadvoi Recruits Swirl, 8485, and Alice Gas For New Track “Moshpit”

Article by Billy Bugara

The essence of collaboration has made itself apparent within the current-day underground music landscape more than any other genre in any past period of time — and this fact is made that much clearer when putting emphasis on what has become the next wave of pop acts that are set to hit the mainstream in a matter of time, what with their social media-centric methods and artistic outlooks.

Understanding this gives the utmost clarity as to why songs like the recently released “Moshpit” by the supremely dynamic and talented Xadvoi can even exist in the first place.

The track features not only Swirl – a fellow member of the “CampVampz” collective – but also two scene mainstays in 8485 and Alice Gas — with Eighty providing a verse and Alice handling the production respectively.

Seeing these acts come together from different parts of the scene as a whole with their differing levels of influence may seem off-putting to an outside observer, but it makes just as much sense as any other collaboration within this community would to a person who’s in-the-know. This is such a great thing too, as the fact that their talents are able to come together in this manner has created outstanding song after outstanding song — with “Moshpit” just being the latest to join this trend.

The track itself is a seamless hybrid of tried and true hip-hop verses, rave-tinged production stylistics, and a tellingly clear pop attitude. Xadvoi himself comes through with the smoothest and relaxed verses over the bustling beat, with Swirl following suit not far behind. But the track is capped off perfectly with 8485’s thunderous and rapid verse of her own — providing an ideally momentous conclusion to a song that already featured enough to stand on its own.

They deliver these verses over Alice’s evolving and raucous instrumental that never lets up for a single second throughout the song’s entire runtime, a trait she has come to completely master up to this point without question.

If this song were to prove anything else besides standing alone as yet another amazing track from four amazing acts, it’s that talent and respect in this community know no boundaries whatsoever; any of your favorite artists, regardless of their place in the scene, could come together and make something magical, and that is exactly the case with “Moshpit.”