WTF is P!NK – [TyFontaine]

TyFontaine is keeping his foot hard-pressed to the pedal as the summer winds to a close, dropping his second project of 2022 this past week with WTF is P!NK that follows his polished and melodic album Beautiful Michi Girls that he unveiled just months ago. In many ways, WTF is P!NK, is brighter and lighter than Beautiful Michi Girls, especially through the opening tracks, as Ty hand-picked a unique blend of instrumentals that give him equal space to rage, lament, or rejoice, sometimes all within the same song or verse. At eighteen tracks it is not difficult to be impressed by Ty’s endless range and ability to glide over any tempo or grouping of instrumentation, taking on some somber r&b leaning tracks just to bounce over to different house-inspired dance-pop that push his music in an even more cutting edge direction than usual, showing just how mature and multi-faceted his talent is. Similarly to Beautiful Michi Girls there are no features on WTF is P!NK, a fact that further affirms Ty’s unique position as very few artists at any stage in their career would be able to carry projects as bold and well-refined as these without help from bigger names or the reprieve of a guest verse. His consistency is as impressive as his voice and even more impressive than that is the fact that Ty refuses to settle into a niche sound but rather insists upon always innovating and pushing his music into fresh and compelling directions.