WTDWTS – [Buppy.] x [Shy High]

Since Buppy’s emergence, he has come out swinging. From the introspectively haunting aurora of “Open My Letter” to the equally lonesome feelings of “Cold Nights In Hollywood,” Buppy. has proven his ability to tackle the tougher subjects, but his latest collaborative single alongside Shy High, entitled “WTDWTS” finds the burgeoning artist’s adopting a freestyle-like attitude over an upbeat bed of production. Together, the pair of Buppy. and Shy High combine for a playful collaboration that will have you singing the chorus to yourself long after the song has ended. Buppy. opens up the song with its infectious chorus, coming in off of a set of tribe-called-quest-like drums that sets the laidback tone of the single. Shy High’s entrance follows in tandem with Buppy. delivering a verse that touches on his TikTok virality as well as the song’s life-questioning center. Together the pair check all the boxes; easy-going attitudes, tongue-n-cheek laced lyrics and a chorus that is the true definition of an ear-worm.

Listen to “WTDWTS” from Buppy. and Shy High below.