Wrong – [The Kid Laroi] ft. [Lil Mosey]

It’s no secret at all that The Kid Laroi, although he comes from a much different background than most Hip-Hop artists, is one of the most incredible young talents in the game right now. His voice is distinct and incredible, his flows are natural and inventive, and his charisma is simply at the forefront of every single song he creates. Add Lil Mosey, a natural hitmaker in his own right, to the mix, and you already know magic is going to be made.

That’s why, when I saw these two talents team up for the song “Wrong” off of Laroi’s debut studio album F*ck Love, I was beyond anticipatory of the results. Well, this project has been in our laps for a decent amount of time now, and although I like re-listening to it a couple of times a week typically, a day rarely goes by where I don’t at least give “Wrong” a spin. Luckily, late last week, this banger was given new life in the form of a music video, and it surely doesn’t disappoint. I was surprised to find out that the infamous YouTuber Logan Paul directed this visual, but I have to give him props after seeing the wonderful outcome.

As the scene is set, Laroi is talking to his homie in a school library about how attractive the librarian is before she turns and shushes her two admirers. Their crush can be justified for most people considering they recruited adult film star Lana Rhoades to play the part of the librarian who ends up doing a nice job of playing along with the part. As the song starts up, Laroi begins singing as he pretends to read a book but, in all reality, he is looking past the literature and sneaking a peek of Rhoades as she seems to act provocatively in his wandering mind.

A bit later, New York’s very own Lil Tjay makes an appearance as he literally breaks into the principal’s office and utilizes the loudspeaker to blast the song throughout the entire school. This sends the students into a frenzy as they scramble to get to the office to party and turn up as well. Some of the following scenes show Laroi being everywhere the librarian goes, sometimes behind shelves, other times on a pushcart, and one more moment shows him dancing around as she organizes some books. He even follows her down the hallway as synchronized dancers assist him, but when she turns around, he quickly looks off in the distance as if to not raise any suspicion from her.

As Mosey comes in, he drives a golf cart right down the middle of the hallway as he’s joined by Laroi and some cheerleaders at the newly imagined school. He ends up leading the charge to a party in the gymnasium where everyone shows up and dances their hearts out even though a sign on the door says it’s closed that day. Due to this, the principal ends up storming in and bringing the party to a screeching halt before lightening up and joining in on the fun. As the song begins to play off into the distance, Laroi and Lana get super close in each other’s grasp, and right before anything happens, we’re snapped back to reality by her hand slamming on the table next to the singer, ending his daydream and sending him on a mission to ride the golf cart.

I truly enjoyed this music video because, considering the youthful ages of both Laroi and Mosey, the high school theme was relevant and played along nicely with the track. Certain parts were admittedly a bit cheesy, but they’re not over the top in any way so I find these portions a bit more comical or entertaining than off-putting or cringeworthy. Every time I hear a new Laroi song or see more visuals come out with his inclusion, I think it all becomes clearer and clearer that he is going to be one of the biggest stars in music within the next couple of years. With this time moving forward, he’ll obviously get older and more experienced, bringing his skills and abilities to new heights which can only help him in the long run. So, I’m excited to see where his potential is going to lead him because it’s most likely going to be somewhere even more impressive than his current stardom. As for now, make sure you take a moment to check out the impressive new music video for his song “Wrong” featuring Lil Mosey.