Wrong Guy – [Yops]

New York City-based hip-hop artist Yops has released his new record, “Wrong Guy.” The song is a fast-paced and frantic track that samples the classic 2009 song “A New Kind of Love” by Frou Frou. “Wrong Guy” is a perfect example of Yops’ unique sound. The sample gives the song a dreamy, ethereal feel that falls under the grungy and airy sounds of the rap underground today. I first stumbled upon the young emcee on my TikTok for you page. And over the past couple of months, he’s been steadily creating motion for himself and growing. If you’re a fan of the underground rap community with people like Summrs, Autumn, Rich Amiri, and OnlyBino! then Yops will be in your wheelhouse of music. A lot of these rappers have trouble pushing through to the mainstream but they also carve out solid niche fan bases to create solid careers for themselves over time.

Stream Yops’ single “Wrong Guy” for yourself below.