Worth It -[Anessa Rivera]

There is a never-ending amount of talented artists and musicians that are in Chicago, it’s the main reason why the city’s art scene is so rich and fruitful. I love that on any given day, I can do a little research and find a handful of amazing creatives to listen to, and Anessa Rivera is a singer based in the city who I believe in through and through. Just last week, Anessa released a studio performance of her record called “Worth It”, performed with assistance from her wonderful band. This is a brilliant few minutes of music all around, I enjoy Anessa’s music on DSPs, but it hits much harder when performed live. Don’t take my word for it though, check it out for yourself below!

Guitarist: Trevor Stewart • Bassist: Ed Pogalz • Pianist: Tamar Mitchell • Drummer: Ethan Reinbach • Audio Engineer: Ben Kula • Filmed by: Braxton Po