Work Out – [Lil Gotit] ft. [Gunna]

It has been a few weeks since we last heard from Lil Gotit and considering the output we have come to expect from him, this feels like years. He is clearly still riding high off of the success of his most recent album Top Chef Gotit, as he should because it is full of gems that I’ve been constantly revisiting since it was released. The celebration doesn’t have to stop at the project, though, because he decided to team up with his slime Gunna to shoot a music video for their unbelievable song “Work Out”, which just so happens to be one of my favorite tracks on the album, so you bet I was excited when I saw it on his Instagram.

For this one, he recruits Never Panic to shoot the music video, and they do an amazing job of bringing some creativity to his latest visual. In this miniature movie, Gotit takes us out to the middle of seemingly nowhere where there is a huge patch of dirt. Here, he proves that he’s a risk-taker because this place is actually a monster truck track equipped with ramps, empty cars, and all. While the majority of the video is Gotit, Gunna, and Gotit’s brother Lil Keed just hanging out in their interesting outfits around a bunch of beautiful women, there are a couple of parts that seemed to be planned out.

My favorite of these scenes comes when a group of guys is sitting in a car and egging Gotit on, but the look on their faces changes very quickly once they see him take the wheel of one of these massive trucks, running their whip over and sending glass flying everywhere. I’m obviously not shocked at how well put together the visual for “Work Out” is, and I truly believe it’s a music video that you’re going to want to check out as soon as possible.