Wops – [Harm Franklin]

While we have seen Curtis Waters’ career explode with the popularity of the breakout hit of the summer “Stunnin”, we have been waiting on the other artist on the song to make his next move after delivering an incredibly catchy supporting verse. Harm Franklin has quietly been one of Canada’s most versatile artists over the past few years, it looks like it’s about to be his moment to level up and become one of the city’s next stars. Harm is originally from Calgary but moved to Toronto to pursue music full time, he has been grinding for a few years but all that work seems like its paying off. To follow up on his featured verse that caught the attention of so many, he recently released a big new song and video to show what Harm Franklin’s sound is all about.

Harm’s personality always shines through in his music, being able to bring his unique life experience to shape stories people can bop their heads too. The song is produced by Hounds and Curtis Waters, the airy beat gives Harm full range to deliver well-crafted verses and a smooth hook that showing his new fanbase what a Franklin slapper sounds like.  The visuals to accompany the single really show why Harm Franklin is a name we’ll only be seeing more frequently. He co-directed the video with Adam Sousa, bringing a vintage playboy aesthetic to life along with an exceptional cinematic feel. This single is definitely a strong follow up to what may have been Harm’s big break, we’ll see what comes next!

Watch the video for “Wops” below and stream on all platforms here!