Wootie Woot – [A1 LaFlare]

It has always been amazing to me how the art of songwriting can go. There are some artists who believe that their pen is more valuable than them trying to be an artist, so they stick to just songwriting. There are also artists who have an amazing pen and can complement it well enough for their own career as well, and that is something that is pretty hard to come by nowadays. With all the talk about “ghostwriting” and how frowned upon it once was in the game, it kind of became a thing of the past, and artists were no longer criticized harshly for it. Georgia-native A1 LaFlare happens to be one of those artists who have an amazing pen and is finally stepping into the spotlight to prove it. After co-writing some of today’s biggest hits such as Latto “Big Energy”, The Kid LAROI’s “Fuck You Goodbye”, and racking up a grammy nomination for Saweetie’s “Best Friend” w/ Doja Cat, A1 LaFlare is ready to make a name for herself with the release of her song and visual, “Wootie Woot”.

“Wootie woot is just a slang word we use in the city. It basically means so on and so forth. For example, when you’re telling a story instead of mentioning every detail you’d use ‘wootie woot’ as a bridge to get to the more important parts.”

-A1 LaFlare on the origins of the phrase “wootie woot”

Coming out of Georgia, there’s no doubt about it that talent runs all throughout the state. Being influenced by the Atlanta-legend Gucci Mane, A1 got her name from Gucci’s old nickname, Gucci Mane LaFlare, and used it as inspiration for her to create her own raps. While still young and unproved in the game as a solo artist, A1 doesn’t let that hold her back from delivering a banger and really getting her bag and talking that talk. Produced by Dr. Luke & Rocco Did It Again, “Wootie Woot” fits in perfectly with the current climate of hits today, but takes it a step further at the same time.

Watch the visuals for A1 LaFlare’s “Wootie Woot” below!