Wool – [Juto]

If Juto’s ‘Velvet’ EP was the romanticist fantasy one imagines before shooting their shot, ‘Wool’ feels like the unforgiving reality one lives out as a result. On his new 7-track project, the alternative RnB songwriter continues to deliver guitar-driven ballads about matters of the heart, sunken in clever lyricism and soothing vocal melodies that carry with them a similar warmth as the fabric referenced by the EP’s title.

Striking a unique balance of genres, Juto blends elements of RnB, funk, and alternative to craft a hazy sound that hits hard on first impact and leaves a smooth lasting impression. His vocals act as the force that holds his stylistic experiments down, alternating between soft crooning and angst-ridden shrilling in his tone. Juto comes off as lighthearted in his songwriting, maintaining some sense of humor even as he confronts his woes. Altogether, ‘Wool’ offers an even more comprehensive look at the songwriter’s versatile talent, packaging it in a set of easygoing, diverse new songs that flow together seamlessly. Listen below: