Though I like to pride myself on being a know-it-all that tends to be pretty early to anything in the realm of music – I have no issue admitting when I’m late to the party. This week Brett from Sparky humbled me by sending over a cheeky little tune in the form of UK rapper Saiming’s “WOOF MEOW” – which seems to be having a little bit of a viral moment right now. It’s not hard to hear why people like the track – Saiming’s rapping is concentrated and tightly woven, equally clever and laid-back. The dilushselva-produced mix is a hazy and hypnotic plugg-meets-drill beat featuring Rhodes-esque instrumentation and electrifying mechanical percussion. “WOOF MEOW” is one of those tracks that is somehow perfect for an expensive night out or a quiet night at home – because no matter what context you listen to Saiming in, you’re going to enjoy it no matter what. This song came out in February, and since then Saiming has also released “Night Tube” with Zuko Rosemeid – a lo-fi yet cinematic banger that proves that tracks like “WOOF MEOW” are far from a fluke. With more music hopefully slated for the near future, Saiming might just be one of my new favorite talents from across the proverbial pond.


Check out Saiming’s “WOOF MEOW” below: