WOO – [Denzel Curry] x [PlayThatBoiZay] x [Chief Pound]

One thing about Denzel Curry is that he’s going to deliver 100% from the field every time, and his latest all gas no breaks offering, WOO, has him assembling a Carol City dream team with breakneck features from PlayThatBoiZay and Chief Pound, lyrically assaulting RONNY J’s signature adrenaline-inducing production.

Throughout Denzel’s decade of prominence in music, never once has he shown an ounce of complacency, a theme that helped him not only spearhead the SoundCloud era but also be one of the few to emerge from its embers with a constantly evolving sound. From the jump, Denzel has seldom shied away from collaboration. He wields an iron-sharpens-iron approach to his musical output that has thrown him into unfamiliar sonic environments, expanding his artistic range and molding him into one of the most dynamic artists of his generation. I will die on this hill.

At this point, it would be pointless to roadmap his long, storied career of accomplishments, but following the release of his vast in texture, but focused in introspection album, Melt My Eyez See Your Future, there has been a tangible pivot with his releases and engagement with his audience – and man it’s been resonating. This new chapter in Denzel’s discography can be bookmarked with the August release of his explosive track BLOOD ON MY NIKEZ featuring Juicy J, where the spur-of-the-moment single was recorded and promptly released – a stark shift in his approach from his conceptually driven projects predating it. It’s an exciting, unfiltered era for Denzel, giving his audience an intimate window into his creative process by releasing his music as it’s being created. It’s almost as if Denzel has beat every level of this video game we call the music industry and, as a result, is dropping what he wants, when he wants. Among all this change, one thing remains constant: his artistry’s unreplicable intentionality told through his pinpoint lyricism and measured delivery, both of which are present in tangible quantities with his latest track, WOO.

The electric track sees Denzel return to his roots, both sonically with his hard-hitting delivery and in collaboration with his familiar link-up with legendary producer RONNY J, who wrote history together with early-on bangers like Threatz and Ultimate that set the tone for what was to come in their respective careers. Denzel, PlayThatBoiZay, and Chief Pound brought everything they had to the table and then some, and their collective energy from verse to verse is palpable. WOO is a much-needed and refreshing take on the nostalgic sound that Denzel and RONNY pioneered, and I’m looking forward to seeing where Denzel takes us next. 

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