Won’t Wait Anymore – [CatchTwentyTwo]

It is incredibly exciting to find an artist that not only creates compelling music but also can effectively translate their sonic identity into a visual identity. This brings me to CatchTwentyTwo, a Broward County native whose brand of Pop infused R&B captured my attention a few weeks ago. His latest release, a music video for his song “Won’t Wait Anymore,” adds an exciting element to his intoxicating sound. The Anton Anderson directed visual follows CatchTwentyTwo through a series of portrait-like scenes capturing his solitude as he sings of toxic lost love and his assurance towards evolving growth without¬†her. CatchTwentyTwo is unquestionably an artist to keep a very close eye on as he continues to take successful steps towards separating himself through individuality and distinct vocals and vision.¬†

Watch “Won’t Wait Anymore” by CatchTwentyTwo below.