won’t say 2 much – [Austin Skinner]

Austin Skinner is an artist who I’ve had on my radar for a couple of years, at this point, but it wasn’t until the last six months or so that I truly began to appreciate his music for just how incredible it really is. He has this way of combining his commanding vocals with deep, powerful synths that work together so remarkably well, but he also constantly ensures that he’s not just putting out the same style of music, switching things up with ease in order to keep his foot on the gas and not slow down for even a second.

Ever since teaming up with BIGBABYGUCCI and their Better Temperatures label, it seems like his skills have only sharpened and his creativity is at an all-time high, so now more than ever is the moment in time that you need to pay attention to what he’s doing within his very captivating and fruitful career. He’s never one to go too long without releasing something new, and today he kept that streak going with the release of his latest single “won’t say 2 much”.

Produced by Sapjer and Joe Dirt, things open up with a part of the instrumental that almost sounds as if another microphone is capturing the beat as it’s played through speakers, giving it an echoing, open room feel. Not too much later, things switch up and we’re introduced to a feelgood, almost retro-inspired instrumental that is driven by guitars and a drumline that is as good as it gets. Austin is the perfect artist to hop on this beat because he has this nonchalant, carefree attitude that shines through with every single lyric he sings, and the autotune effects on his vocals combine with the production seamlessly.

As he makes his way throughout, he swings the pitch of his voice up and down in a veteran-like manner, proving that not only can he make outstanding music, but he can do so with ease, and that’s not something that most artists in the industry can claim. I don’t think I’ll ever miss out on new music from the Virginia-native, and once you check out “won’t say 2 much”, you’ll understand exactly why, so make sure you tune in and listen up as soon as you find some time.