About 5 or 6 years ago is when I really dove into the music industry headfirst and realized all of the different sounds that were being brought to life. $uicideboy$ were definitely the duo that was the most chaotic and violent on my playlist, but that didn’t stop me from filling up the majority of my time that I spent listening to music with Ruby and $crim playing through my speakers. Thanks to them, I was put onto other G59 artists and affiliates like Pouya, Germ, Shakewell, and plenty of others, but there are just way too many to name.

Germ was always someone that stood out, though, because his energy is simply contagious and his voice is just naturally unique, and this is saying a lot because of just how individualistic each and every artist that he works with seems to be. Since releasing Badshit (Bootleg) and GERM HAS A DEATHWISH years ago, Germ instantly became one of my favorite artists not only in this grouping, but in the industry as a whole, and that is something that I can consistently claim because I seriously try and tune into every song he puts out, whether it’s a solo record or a guest spot.

Not too long ago, he dropped his EP COLD SUMMER, a quick hit of 4 songs that lasts just under 9 minutes, and while I have complained about such short projects in the past, I think that when they include hit after hit like this one, there is definitely no way to argue with the way it was executed. Alongside the fantastic EP, Germ decided to team up with director Sebastian Beltran to shoot a music video for the project’s second track “WONT GO, CANT GO” produced by Kiraw and Killjames, and it’s certainly not something you’re going to want to miss out on.

In this flick, Germ hangs out around his close homie Zac FTP’s notorious home, and if you had never seen this glorious estate before, you should know who lives there because of all the FTP-branded items including a half-court basketball court in the backyard. Although there isn’t anything too much crazier other than a quick cameo from Lil Gnar, the effects and all-around personality that Germ never fails to exude are always more than enough to make a visual great, with this one being absolutely no different.