Wonder – [K’ant8300]

A couple of months ago we covered K’ant8300’s single “Wonder.” Since then the single has accumulated over 88,000 plays on Soundcloud in that time period. Fast forward to today and we now have visuals for K’ant’s hit single, directed by Skrewhed TV. K’ant tells me via text that the video was meant to be an impromptu artist performance but to also have it be informal. K’ant went on to explain that the scenes were shot the way that they were so that fans would be able to go along with the background dancers to tie together nicely. I may be showing my age here but this video reminds me of the Lyod Banks video for his single “Karma” featuring Avant which dropped back in 2004. These are the first visuals from his recent album release Kaptain K’ant, a ten track project that’s themed and centered around Captain Underpants.

Watch the visuals for K’ant8300’s hit single “Wonder” below.