Wockhardt – [Lil Queze] [Ganz]

The Nashville duo of Ganz and Lil Queze is back with another video, this time for their song “Wockhardt” and while these two release new videos on an almost weekly basis it is plain to see their massive growth as artists after first hitting the scene a little over a year ago and because of this consistency and their tremendous youthful fanbase they have managed to get the streets on lock in Nashville in a way no other artist has in almost a decade, re-energizing a teenage and twenty-something audience that had laid dormant in Nashville for some time.

Lil Queze, or ‘Mr. Get Em Gone’ as he proclaimed himself in this new track, has been improving particularly quickly to me and perhaps¬† grown more than any other artist in the city in the past year and his counterpart Ganz is as a consistent and reliable artist there is, constantly bringing new flows and creative bars to the table that always keep his verses interesting. BornWinner BJ supplied the visual per usual and seems to have a particularly good chemistry with all of SKE and together they have been able to always create unique videos despite being in a lane that doesn’t often express individuality through them.

DJ Chill also has contributed to helping Ganz and Queze separate themselves with his unique beats that almost blends the sounds of Memphis and Detroit and this is reflected in their sound and is beginning to become the de-facto sound for Nashville’s street scene in many ways that for a while struggled to differentiate itself. I am really excited to keep watching these guys develop their own unique sound and continue to rep Nashville in such a good way.