Without You – [Louk] x [Sebastian Kamae] x [Ben Beal] x [Sophie Marks]

Netherlands based producers Sebastian Kamae and Louk have teamed up for an exquisite collaborative track titled “Without You.” Featuring two immensely talented artists in Ben Beal and Sophie Marks, the song employs a gloriously melodic mixture of jazz, hip-hop and R&B. It cannot be overstressed how serene the production is; from the heaven-scent piano keys to the jazzy saxophone, to the tranquil melody, it’s far from exaggeration to suggest the instrumental could be have been released as is. However, the aforementioned musical excellence of Beal and Marks makes for a perfect vocal pairing particularly for this stylistically chill record. Beal takes the honors of delivering a lyrically slick rap verse, which is then graced with Mark’s effortlessly smooth vocals. Ben’s ability to pen a brief moment filled with imagery invites the listener to visualize his experience, whereas Sophie’s dreamy voice lulls you into an enticing love-land. Many more words can be typed to describe how impressed I am with this record, but in truth its sound will speak for itself. Listen to “Without You” below!

Covert art by Pepijn de Jonge