Wit A Sticc – [$tupid Young] ft. [Tee Grizzley]

While California might not be considered the birthplace of the Hip-Hop genre as a whole, it can certainly be considered the birthplace of a new age and sound within the Rap scene. When West Coast synths and bouncing 808s take over the instrumental, you know whatever function you’re at is going to be turned up to the maximum even if the violent lyrics in some songs should have you running for the hills. Although I haven’t familiarized myself too much with Long Beach native $tupid Young, he’s definitely an act that I need to check out much more moving forward after hearing his latest single.

This track is called “Wit A Sticc” and taps Detroit emcee Tee Grizzley for a very intriguing feature, to say the least. As the DJ Idea beat begins to unravel, bells and mischievously haunting synths take the forefront of the production as lively basslines and rhythm-building percussion come into the instrumental and truly elevate the vigor of this offering. There’s never really any drop to signify Young’s entrance, but he captures your attention from the moment he begins to spit through his deep, insistent delivery full of wordplays and aggression. His flow switches up constantly, but it never disappoints, showing off a consistently bouncy cadence that proves he was raised around some of the legendary West Coast music that we all know and love. For the hook, he simplifies qualities in his voice as well as the instrumental, repeating four simple lines to act as a sort of divider between his more intricate verses.

When Tee comes in for the third verse, he gives the track new life through his vivaciously laid-back demeanor that comes through with his hard-nosed bars that shouldn’t be taken lightly by his opposition. You can hear the qualities within his delivery that are similar to other Detroit counterparts who I’ve just been put onto, but his masterfulness and unwavering skills prove why he was one of the biggest names out of the city within this new wave of music. As the two rappers make their way throughout this track, their overly creative wordplays truly stick out to me more than most other artists’ lyrics do, and just one listen will leave you at a loss for words because of the sheer number of references and double entendres.

As for the music video that comes along with the brand-new song, the duo finds themselves in a slew of different settings. One of the settings that Young takes over mostly is in a film studio where the entire backdrop is a clean white slate as he’s joined by a lovely lady in one scene, his crew of friends in another, and even Tee during brief moments. Another main setting shows the two emcees vibing out with their group of homies outside at night in front of a white Lamborghini and a red Audi. Although this is a typical flex during Rap videos, I can never hate because I’d flex my wealth exactly the same way if I reached their levels of success. In every single shot, each artist can be seen wearing designer goods, Supreme garments, and an entire jewelry store worth of chains, watches, and other diamond-studded pieces. Aside from these things, certain shots are displayed in black and white while others appear as if they’re being shown on an old school film reel which helps contribute some interesting variety to the visual itself.

It makes a lot of sense why $tupid Young has built such a huge following on the West Coast, and that following is only going to continue to grow. Due to his uncharacteristic background and the tough moments he experienced as he grew up in the notoriously gritty neighborhood he’s from, the odds were almost always stacked against him. It’s because of these unfavorable conditions that he has formed a metaphorical shield that allows him to remain tough and continue grinding until he gets exactly where he wants to be. Knowing how determined he is, he just might not stop until he reaches the top, so don’t sleep on $tupid Young and check out his brand-new Tee Grizzley-assisted single “Wit A Sticc” below.