Cover art for Vic Mensa's single "$WISH" featuring Chance the Rapper & G-Eazy.

$WISH – [Vic Mensa] ft. [Chance the Rapper] & [G-Eazy]

I never get tired of seeing new music coming from the Windy City, but when local releases are as great as they always seem to be, how could I ever even imagine getting bored or uninterested? Chicago’s very own Vic Mensa, the multi-platinum Grammy-nominated rapper and producer, has teamed up with long-time collaborators Chance The Rapper and G-Eazy to release his latest single, “$WISH”. The track is a braggadocious hit that demonstrates the trio’s achievements with extravagant brags that level up as the song progresses.

Produced by Johan Lenox and BongoByTheWay, the single has a hard-hitting instrumental that complements the smooth flows and harmonious deliveries that these artists are so good at executing. According to the cut’s press release, the track was inspired by a writing camp that Vic and Chance attended in Los Angeles where they worked on several tracks together. Speaking about the experience, Vic said:

“It was really just a fun, spontaneous vibe. Me & Bongo were freestyling, and then Chance said he had a line, so I just recorded him putting his verse together.”

Vic and G-Eazy have been homies for over 12 years, so it made sense that he joined in on the fun as well. The song’s hook makes it clear that the three musicians are all about the high-end lifestyle and their lyrics certainly highlight their successes throughout their prominent careers thus far. The track features references to designer brands as well as their luxurious routines, and when you’ve had as many wins as they have throughout their tenures, it’s definitely not something to overlook.

The single is the second major release for Vic Mensa this year after January’s successful release entitled “Strawberry Louis Vuitton” which featured Thundercat and Maeta. The song was accompanied by an entertaining visual where Vic performed the song while skydiving. The release of these two singles is just the start of another huge year for the Chicago artist. “$WISH” is yet another solid addition to Vic’s already impressive discography which also makes it a perfect addition to any playlist you might be putting together in the near future!