Wish – [Diplo] ft. [Trippie Redd]

One of the most prolific EP’s that collided the worlds of EDM and Hip-Hop together had to have been Diplo’s 2018 project California. This EP included a plethora of budding young artists, giving them a platform to showcase their unique talents overproduction that was pretty uncharacteristic of them at that point. Diplo was able to help these artists attract new fans with his massive following, but also refined his keen sense of talent to pool together some of the brightest rising stars in existence. Although some of the artists already had their names cemented in the industry, this gave others a chance to separate themselves from the pack, receiving a myriad of accolades since their appearance on the project.

One of the best songs in my personal opinion had to have been “Wish” featuring Trippie Redd. Although they released a music video not too much later after the EP’s release, they wanted to revisit the song with a brand-new alternative music video, so who am I to complain? This time around, the visual starts in an abandoned warehouse that’s inhabited by only a couch that Trippie is laying on. Out of nowhere, a clone comes and nonchalantly kills him. This clone continues to sing along to the song before another clone follows suit, also murdering him. Finally, an extra dressed like Trippie hits the actual rapper over the head with a metal bat, accidentally killing the artist for real. Instead of calling an ambulance or doing something to save his life, they end up wrapping his corpse up, packing it into a truck and throwing the body off of a bridge into a river. Considering he’s talking about things like death and suicide, this visual emphasizes the lyrics he’s singing and even takes them one step further.

Alternate music videos aren’t extremely common within the industry up to this point from what I’ve seen, but I like the idea of them. To be honest, as much as I liked this EP when it first dropped, I kind of forgot about it so this was a nice refresher that breathed fresh air into an almost-two-year-old record. It’s not like the video was earth-shattering or completely unheard of, but it brought one of the most successful songs back into the spotlight, even if that only lasts for a brief moment. I know for a fact that after seeing this, I have to go back and revisit the EP, and you should too. Before you do, however, get up to speed with the alternate music video for “Wish”.

Words by Danny Adams