Windowshopping – [Kean Farrar]

Berlin has one of the more intriguing musical climates building in Europe and while the scene is composed of a variety of different sounds a clear undertone of metropolitan angst and lack of inhibition remains a central theme and stylistic trope in this budding outpost. Kean Farrar is one of the artists blazing a trail with his distinct r&b crooning that is on full display on his latest single “Windowshopping.”

The twenty-year-old reveals his existential and transparent writing style here and I am a big fan of this aspect of his artistry already, and this is sure to easily connect him with an only increasingly hedonistic youthful demographic. His vocals are velvety and reserved and he never attempts to do too much as far as delivery is concerned. The atmosphere of “Windowshopping” is distinctly sensual and Farrar already seems to have a niche carved out for himself in the growingly oversaturated r&b market. I really enjoyed listening to this track and strongly urge you to check out Kean Farrar as soon as possible.

Stream “Windowshopping” here: