will this summer b the same? – [Alessandra Salinas]

It almost feels like a holiday when you come across someone as gifted and eloquent as the artist I’ll be talking about today. Somewhere tucked away within the haystack of TikTok and Galveston, TX is the needle that is Alessandra Salinas who naturally captivates any R&B or music fans that should consider themselves fortunate enough to have stumbled upon her page. Whether it’s this week or next month, it’s nearly impossible to wrap my head around the idea of there being another artist releasing their debut soon who has as much upside and intention as Alessandra. There’s a rare and honest energy about her that seeps through the seams of her music and I’m confident that magnet-like energy will be what leaves so many fans in awe of the world she’s building. I say that to say, I’m elated to welcome Alessandra Salinas to the Lyrical page today to shine light on an artist who has a very, very bright future ahead of her. 

Making her stunning debut with “will this summer b the same?”, we hear Alessandra explore the depths of loneliness through the lens of departure. Gracefully serenading her listeners overtop of a finger-picked acoustic guitar likely inspired by her Mexican and Salvadoran roots, Alessandra’s vocals serve as the crystal chandelier glimmering bright and polished above an elegantly put together main room. Raw and bold, Alessandra vulnerably tells her story in a way that sheds light on her self-awareness making it apparent that she’s wise beyond her years at the early age of just 20 years old. Effortlessly weaving between Spanish and English as she hits goosebump worthy high-notes throughout the song, Alessandra finds her worth, power, and solace through distance as she narrates one of the most-compelling debuts I’ve heard in quite some time. 

If you haven’t already, be sure to give “will this summer b the same?” your undivided time and attention on this Thursday morning as this is certainly not going to be a record or artist you’ll want to be late on.