Wildcard – [Tae Dawg]

PG County, Maryland’s Tae Dawg is one of the most dynamic and unique rising young talents in the DMV and his array of styles is so various and in terms of versatility is perhaps only rivaled by his friend, Landover’s Lil Gray who earned the nickname “Man of Many” for his diverse catalog of music. Tae Dawg ranges from beautiful slow tracks that almost border on the pop/r&b realm but is also responsible for some of the most outlandish and chaotic DMV-inspired music to come out of the no-holds-barred scene where artists overflow energy onto loud and steadily rattling instrumentals. His latest visual for his track “Wildcard” is on the more melodic end of Tae Dawg’s spectrum, along with personal favorites of mine like “Take Your Time” and “Dirty In My Cup” that made me a huge fan of his in the first place. Sparkheem and Spizzledoe collide on a spellbinding instrumental that is powered by an ominous yet inspirational sample and their trademark bouncy drums. Tae Dawg’s vocals have so much range and he isn’t scared to use all of it in consecutive bars, constantly changing and warping his flows in a very impressive manner. I look forward to more striking visual collaborations between him and Mason Luckiewicz who never fails to capture Tae in a negative light.