Wild Youngster- [Nez] ft. [Schoolboy Q]

Nez is an artist I had previously heard of but never really paid too much attention to considering he’s typically a producer for various genres that don’t often appeal to me personally. Not to say his music is bad in any sense whatsoever, but I just wasn’t familiar with him. Once I saw that he was making the transition from strictly producing to actually singing and that he recruited Schoolboy Q, one of my favorite mainstays in the rap world, I had to quit being ignorant and check him out. Let me tell you, I’ve been sleeping for way too long and I’m glad I finally woke up.

“Wild Youngster” is a club anthem in every sense of the word. It has certain built up and slowed down moments meant to get people up and moving around, and I couldn’t help but bob my head while listening. It clearly has house-inspired production with enormous bass and pulsing percussion. Nez’s voice is echoing and drowned out in the best way possible, complimenting the futuristic sounds of the beat seamlessly. Schoolboy’s verses bring this song back down closer to Earth for typical rap fans like me, and his gritty voice grooves perfectly over the bouncy production. He and Nez seem to trade off portions of each verse, shortening their parts but ultimately seem to extend the length of each verse. The lyrics might not have many personal connections, but the mentions of girls in the function and everyone getting wild is pretty much expected from a song of this variety.

A visual comes with the song, and it’s simple yet packs a punch. It seems as if a camera is placed on a stand overlooking an empty room with a blank backdrop. Then, in black and white, the artists as well as girls and some of their friends take turns dancing and having fun, basically decorating the blank space with their moves. I believe I even saw Vic Mensa make an appearance which was definitely random, but it was still cool to see his inclusion.

This track is just a fun song to play whether you’re at a party, the club, or even in the car riding around. I’m hoping that Nez continues making music like this and I’m definitely going to have to go back and check out his previous work because if it’s anything like this record, I’ll become an instant fan. If you were like me and slept on Nez because he might not produce the type of music you typically listen to, wake up and check him out. “Wild Youngster” is the perfect place to start, so give it a spin and see for yourself.

Words by Danny Adams