Wig Split – [Pouya] ft. [Denzel Curry]

If there’s one thing that’s for certain in the music industry, it’s the fact that Pouya has a constantly growing discography that only gets stronger with every new release. His skills only seem to sharpen as he puts out more music, and his continuously growing narrative gets deeper and deeper as he constantly gets more and more introspective with the topics he talks about. Although they might not always be the most optimistic or positive, these topics are spoken about in order to not only help Pouya out therapeutically, but also to help him connect with fans that might be going through similar issues, and that’s something that most artists can’t claim to pull off nearly as often as the underground underdog.

As we get closer to the release of Pouya’s upcoming album Blood Was Never This As Water which is set to release on the 22nd of this month, he has been hyping fans up and getting us prepared to ingest the project to its fullest, most recently releasing a song entitled “Wig Split” which features fellow Floridian hitmaker Denzel Curry. Opening up with a Three 6 Mafia-sounding instrumental, little hits are combined with pounding 808s and chattering percussion for one of the hardest beats you’ll hear all month.

This gets me excited for what’s about to ensue because if you know anything about these two emcees, you know that they thrive and ruthless production like this. Pouya comes in fully in attack mode, looking to pick off each and every member of his opposition one by one, assaulting the beat with quick bars and aggressive messages that anyone who’s not on his side should be nervous about. After two equally impressive verses, Denzel comes in for one final warning shot.

Although he doesn’t start out too hastily, his belligerence is still obvious, and this only grows as his verse goes on when he quickens his cadence and leads us right to the final seconds of the record. If “Wig Split” isn’t enough to get you excited for the album’s release, I don’t know what will. With that being said, make sure you check it out for yourself and witness the greatness that came together on this record.