Wig Split – [Pouya] ft. [Denzel Curry]

I feel like not a week goes by that I don’t write about something Pouya puts out into the world, but that’s because he’s just too damn good, and I don’t want to miss a beat. I only write about releases that I actually enjoy, and every time he puts something out, it’s a certified hit whether he’s spitting ruthless bars on a hard instrumental or taking a step back to introspect and reveal some of the more truthful emotions he’s going through on a day-to-day basis.

I feel like this versatility is one of the main reasons for his success because it allows his fans to connect with him as well as rock out to his music, and I couldn’t be more excited to be alive in this day and age to watch him climb up the rungs of the ladder to the top. Just a week or two ago, he dropped his song “Wig Split” with Denzel Curry which has been in my daily rotation ever since, and while I can’t wait for his upcoming album Blood Was Never as Thick as Water that’s set to release a week from today, I get even more amped up after finding out that he releases a music video for this unbelievably hard record.

Directed by Davie Medina, the scene is set with Pouya taking his stand at work as a valet person. While he is able to drive some luxurious cars in this one as he’s accompanied by his coworker played by the ever so talented producer Spock, he gets fed up with the way things are going at work and the way his boss treats him.

After the last straw is broken, he decided to cruise in an El Dorado to a lavish mansion where he and Spock get changed into some more street-appropriate clothing to continue on with their day. Heading up to the roof, they’re joined by Denzel as they trade off verses that will leave your head spinning and bopping up and down long after the track culminates. Pouya is always one to bring his songs to the next level with his visuals, and this video is absolutely no different, making it a music video you need in your life immediately.