Cigarette locks, countdown clocks and a deadly bike race are just a few key components that make up Cole Bennett’s Debut Short Film that just premiered last night. 

For those who have been around since the inception of Lyrical Lemonade, whyrush? serves as the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Cole and fans of his work. The Short Film, starring Teezo Touchdown, Alexis Carey and many others is laced with vibrant colors, minimal dialogue and a myriad of different meanings.

To try and encapsulate whyrush? would be an injustice to the creative process and everyone involved as it truly is a piece that comes with so much intention and thought. The most important thing I’ll say is: Go watch Cole’s debut Short Film at the link below as fast as you can…but at the same time, “why rush? It would make no sense to do such a thing.”