Why R U Back?-[Sylo Nozra]

Sylo Nozra’s music is like fine wine; it just continues to get better with age. I’ve been carefully tracking his music since the moment I heard about him in 2017 and it is safe to say that I have never found myself disappointed. Today, the Canadian sensation returns to our pages in amazing fashion for the release of his latest song and visualizer called, “Why R U Back?”.

From a song standpoint, Sylo has created a ballad that is an ode to the relationship woes that many of us find ourselves in. He sings about some of the most authentic and real feelings while being able to craft a bop that will have you bobbing your head while driving to any destination. The production is extremely clean which makes room for Sylo to woo everyone with his stellar vocals and breathtaking harmonies.

The Visual is the perfect compliment to the song as it shows Sylo and a love interest crossing down the road as the song is being played. The ambience that is created by this song is truly second to none. The video is just a vibe and it’s one that you have to sit back and just enjoy.

“Why R U Back?” is one of my favorites by Sylo, even though I find myself saying that every time he drops a song. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below as well as the visualizer, so give this one a spin and let us know what you think! Enjoy!