whts rght – [whiterosemoxie]

I think there are a handful of artists that I’ve actually become obsessed with over the past 12 months or more. Sure, there are countless artists that I enjoy and will tap in with new releases when I can, but I’m talking about the emcees who I don’t think I go a day without listening to their music. One of the first musicians who comes to mind on this front is whiterosemoxie, one of Detroit’s most promising young prospects as well as one of the people in this cutthroat business that I have been blessed to be able to get to know and call a friend.

I just think he is one of the biggest gems in this industry, and although he has already signed with 300 Entertainment, amassed tens of millions of streams across platforms, and performed at massive shows like Rolling Loud, HIVE, and even during halftime at his hometown basketball team’s (the Detroit Pistons), I think he is just barely getting started. His potential is endless, which is why I say that, and as we gear up for his upcoming debut album HUMAN BEHAVIOR, he has delivered some truly indescribable music.

Just the other day, moxie kept his hot streak going with his latest Keenan Wetzel-directed video single entitled “whts rght”, and it has my anticipation through the roof for what is sure to be one of my favorite efforts of 2023. The Jay Cribbs-produced instrumental just seems massive thanks to a heart-pounding percussion foundation coupled with some powerful synths that appear to cut off just as they pick up steam.

In turn, moxie is able to bring some diversity to the party, showing off some autotuned vocals that have this Yeezus-inspired style that builds up constantly throughout the record. In the video, a similar shadowy aesthetic takes shape as moxie and his gang of troublemakers seem to just lay low, but you get the vibe that they’re just enduring the calm before the storm. I’m not entirely sure what that storm might be or what it’ll entail, but if the rap savant has anything to do with it, I already know it’s going to be perfect and truly remarkable, just like “whts rght” turned out to be!