Who’s Logan?

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The young emcee, Logan, has recently made his way to the Chicago rap scene and has already laid a dent in it.  Logan caught my eye right after the release of his video “Came Up“, since then he’s created a pretty large fan base that is only expected to grow.  He’s labeled hip hop as is only priority and in his lyrics you’ll find lines stating that he’ll soon be at the top of the game, yet he’s not just saying that like every other rapper, he actually means it.  I am expecting Logan as well as his videographer, J Krown, to be the next big thing out of Chicago, so get in tune now.

(Interview Questions Below)

[When did rapping become your #1 priority?]

Probably around April of this year. Thats when I really decided to just stick with it. I knew this is what I wanted so I made it my only priority.


I get influenced by a lot of my homies that are comin up in the city as well. They keep this shit competitive and make me think harder n work better.  Also other chicago artists that are already on.

[Coolest experience since you’ve began making music?]

Man the whole experience this far has been cool, I love the lifestyle n I love making music. Its still the beginning so I haven’t done anything crazy but yeah I love this shit.

[Any Chicago artist you’d like to work with?]

Not really, I’ve worked with a bunch already, but i like doin’ songs by myself & I definitely like makin’ music with my homies in the rap scene.

[What can we expect from Logan in the coming months?]

Expect me to keep working hard and keepin goin. Im droppin a project very soon I been workin on, so expect new music to keep coming.

[Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?]

5 years from now I just hope to really be in this music shit. Thats all that really matters to me. I feel like I’ll be good though, I’m focused.