Whoracle – [Lil Webb]

Baltimore-based artist Lil Webb has just released his latest album titled “Whoracle,” showcasing his incredible talent and artistry. The 14-track project features Lil Webb’s trademark articulate delivery and precise rhythm that permeate throughout the entire album, making it a must-listen for hip-hop fans. He poeticizes themes of sexual freedoms, old and new money, and war in his own backyard.

Among the standout tracks on the album are “Local Politics” and “House Cleaning Bill,” which are both catchy and engaging with their impressive beats and Lil Webb’s smooth flow. The album also boasts impressive collaborations, including Dskillz Harris and NY artist MC Bravado, who add a unique flavor to Lil Webb’s already impressive sound.

Overall, “Whoracle” is an impressive feat of talent, musical ability, effort, and time commitment from Lil Webb. Go listen below!